Thursday, 21 March 2013


Monday 18 March

Today we travelled south from the district of Girona, past Barcelona, Tarragona and Tortosa to a caravan site at Sant Jordi, approx. 12km inland from the coastal town of Vinaros.
With over 200 miles to go and the city of Barcelona to negotiate, we decide to take the  A-7 AutovĂ­a del Mediterráneo. The toll cost for the journey was close to 30 euros, which was a bit of a shock, but as it was after 6pm and going dark when we finally found the site, we concluded that it was a wise investment.

Tuesday 19 March

A rest day, setting up camp and exploring the local environs. Just a few km. from the site we came upon a beautiful monastery called:
Emitorio de La Mere de Deu de la Salut (s.XV11)

Our campsite has massive potential, and is in a state of ongoing development, overseen by Kaz, Pete and their team of dedicated helpers.
We were treated to a very friendly welcome, including the offer of a cup of tea, however we had something a little stronger in mind after a long and tiring journey. Kaz offered us a very good deal, and we also have wifi, so we are here for at least a week. We are up in the hills at an altitude of 102 m (335 ft.) with extensive vistas in every direction including out to sea.


  1. I actually NEED to go there! Beautiful xxx

  2. Thanks for your comments, it was a pleasure to have you at Maestart Park