Thursday, 21 March 2013

Last days in Catalonia, and then south to Valenciana

Saturday - Sunday 16/17 March

There is still much to do and see in this area, but a longing for some warm sunshine is urging us to head south.
Before we departed we visited the Museo d'Arquelogia de Catalunya, at Empuries on the Golf de Roses, and spent a breezy few hours at the wild beach at L'Estartit overlooking Les Illes Medes.

 Les Illes Medes

Empuries is a brilliant archaeological site with two separate towns, each  with distinctive architectural features. The town of Emporion (Greek for market place) was founded by the Greeks in 575 BC. The site was later occupied by the Romans, who built a completely separate town, on a much larger scale, a short distance inland which included streets, houses, baths, forum, amphitheatre, basilicas and temples, all surrounded by a substantial wall. In the second half of the 3rd century AD the site was abandoned.

The Greek town.

The Roman forum.

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