Thursday, 4 April 2013

Friday 22 March
We drove along the back roads from Sant Jordi towards Delta D'Lebre, one of the most important wetland habitats in the western Mediterranean. We continued down to the beach at Riumar, and explored some lagoons behind the beach, and the walked along tracks between tall reed beds to where a very wide Ebra flows into the sea. Continuing our circular route to check out some superb open backed hides overlooking lagoons teeming with birds.
During our visit we identified black winged stilt, little egret, great white egret, marsh harrier, king fisher, wood chat shrike, lesser grey shrike, hoopoe, and black eared wheatear.
Delta Ebre is a great place for bird watching, and with a scope we would have identified many more species.

Monday 25 March

A few photos around Sant Jordi

After a week of pleasantly warm sunny weather in Valenciana, at Sant Jordi, 15 km inland from Vinaros, we decided to head towards the border between Spain and France, in the San Sebastion/Biarritz area, with a plan to explore the Basque region.
We set off from Sant Jordi, driving over spectacular mountain ranges, with many hairpin bends, and fabulous views to distant mountains on our way to our campsite near Calatyud, a distance of 165 miles.
We passed by many interesting towns and villages, with castles, forts, church towers and city walls. We noticed a strong Moorish influence in the buildings and brick built towers. We also saw hundreds of vultures circling overhead, waiting for unsuspecting brits and pilgrims! The towns we passed by included Morella, Alcaniz and Daroca. During the day we moved from Valenciana, through Aragon and into Navarra. We have earmarked this region for future exploration.
During the night we were hit by a severe gale which rocked the caravan alarmingly. At midnight, I became very concerned for our safety, and I decided to move the caravan to a more sheltered position. After our troubled night and long journey, we decided to stay another night to recover.
By 09:30 Wednesday 27 March we drove 121 miles to a campsite near Pamplona. As we arrived mid afternoon, the heavens opened and soaked an already very soggy campsite. A heavy thunderstorm in the night encouraged us to hit the road towards a camp site half way between San Sebastian and Biarritz. We arrived at camping Larouleta around 4pm. after a dramatic drive through the mountains of the Spanish Basque Region. We are looking forward  to settling down for a week and exploring San Sebastion, Biarritz and the Basque countryside.

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  1. Bonjour/Hola, We have really enjoyed reading your Blog and following your adventures across France and Spain. We wish we could be there. It certainly sounds like you have been having an adventurous time. The excellent photographs really give us a flavour of the places you have visited. Phoebe is running around everywhere and you will see the change in her. She sends Grandma and Grandad her love and cuddles. Have a safe onward journey - we are thinking about you and looking forward to seeing you in a few short weeks. Adios/Au revoir Mere/Pere - Madre/Padre - depending where you are! xxx